Village of Ellsworth


130 North Chestnut Street

Ellsworth, Wisconsin 54011

Phone: (715) 273-4742

Fax: (715) 273-6460

Ellsworth Police

130 North Chestnut Street

Ellsworth, Wisconsin 54011

Phone: (715) 273-3275


Village Ordnances

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Table of Contents

Chapter One: General Government

Chapter Two: The Governing Body

Chapter Three: Finance and Taxation

Chapter Four: Police Department

Chapter Five: Fire Department

Chapter Six: Emergency Government Operations

Chapter Seven: Traffic Code

Chapter Eight: Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter Nine: Public Peace and Good Order

Chapter Ten: Public Nuisances

Chapter Eleven: Public Health and Welfare

Chapter Twelve: Licenses and Permits

Chapter Thirteen: Municipal Utilities

Chapter Fourteen: Building Code

Chapter Fifteen: Historic Preservation

Chapter Sixteen: Impact Fees

Chapter Eighteen: Code of Ethics

Chapter Twenty-One: Gas Safety Code

Chapter Twenty-Five: Construction and Effect of Ordinances

Chapter Thirty: Rules, Regulations and Charges, Wastewater Collection and Treatment System

Chapter Forty-Five: Land Division and Subdivision Regulations

Chapter Forty-Nine: Floodplain Zoning


Cover Sheet, Index, Body: Zoning Ordinance Chapter 46