Maple Grove Cemetery

Once you have decided to choose a final resting place in the Maple Grove Cemetery, you should pay a visit to Ellsworth Village Hall where a clerk will be available to help you get the process started. A visit to the cemetery with the sexton or clerk may be necessary to make sure your lot location choice is documented accurately.

After your lot choice is made, you will need to return to Village Hall to fill out the paperwork, and make full payment on the lot chosen. The Village of Ellsworth does not offer a payment plan for the purchase of lots nor do we reserve lots without full payment. Your deed(s) for the lot(s) will be mailed to you. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the administrative processing.

Upon notification of a burial, the Village of Ellsworth will contact the excavator and the Cemetery Sexton to make the necessary burial arrangements.

Cemetery Lot Size

The dimensions of a standard grave space in the Maple Grove Cemetery is 4’ x 11’ (48” x 132”). Graves may be sold individually or in multiple numbers. Graves will not be sold in increments of less than one full grave space.

Cemetery Fees

Price per Grave Site $300.00
Grave Marking Fee $ 50.00 (Due at time of burial)

Maple Grove Cemetery is a municipal owned and operated cemetery.

Cemetery Sexton: Contact the Village Clerk's Office 

Cemetery Committee

  • Lance Austin, Chairman
  • Becky Beissel
  • Kenny Manfred, (Citizen Member)

* Pricing subject to change as approved by the Village Board.

Rules & Regulations

  • Damage done to monuments thru vandalism or acts of God are the sole responsibility of the lot owner.
  • The Village will assume no responsibility for the protection, maintenance, damage, or vandalism to flowers, wreaths, or any items used in funeral or internment proceedings.
  • No earth or turf shall be raised upon any grave above the general level of the lot.
  • No planting of trees, shrubs, vines or ground plantings of any kind.
  • All flowers shall be planted in pots and put on stands above the ground.
  • Any ground decorations, artificial flowers or statues, etc. can be placed between May 15th to June 15th, must be removed after June 15th.
  • All foot monuments need to be flush with the ground.
  • No monument including the foundation to exceed gravesite (48” for single).
  • Any lots that are resold need to be recorded at the Ellsworth Village Hall.
  • One (1) body shall be permitted per grave site; or four (4) cremains shall be allowed on each grave site.
  • Cemetery burials (body) shall use a grave liner.
  • Grave liners for cremains are optional.

The owner of the grave site shall be responsible for payment of the grave opening and closing, Burial vaults shall be buried at a minimum depth of sixty 60 inches. Cremains shall be buried at a minimum depth of thirty (30”) inches.

Grave site and lot monuments shall be placed according to the markings and directions made by the Sexton.

The price paid for a grave site shall include perpetual care thereof. Perpetual care shall not include the cost of leveling, repairing, or replacing monuments. The Village may require a lot owner to do anything necessary to comply with rules & regulations by giving reasonable notice in writing to the owner thereof. In the event the owner fails to comply within twenty (20) days thereafter the Village may cause the thing to be done and recover the cost from the owner. The term “owner” includes the estate of the descendent whose remains are placed in the grave site.

Contact: Village Hall

Phone: 715-273-4742
Fax: 715-273-6460

Grave site owner grievances shall be first addressed by the Village Clerk. If not resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the grave site owner and Village Clerk’s office the matter may be brought before the Cemetery Committee for hearing and recommendation to the Village Board.