Business Liquor and Tobacco Renewal

2024 Deadlines:

  • The license period is July 1 through June 30 of each year.
  • Completed forms must be returned to the Village Hall Office by May 6, 2024. 
  • All applications will go before the Village Board for approval at the June 3, 2024 meeting. 
  • Fees are due by 4 p.m. June 10, 2024. All fees must be paid before the license can be issued to the business.

Important Information from the WI Department of Revenue:

Pursuant to 2023 Wisconsin Act 73, the following forms are available on DOR's website at: DOR Retail Alcohol Beverage License Applications and Miscellaneous Forms (
AB-100, Alcohol Beverage Individual Questionnaire (Formerly AT-103/103a, Supplemental/Auxiliary Questionnaire)
AB-101, Alcohol Beverage Appointment of Agent (Formerly AT-104 Schedule for Appointment of Agent and AT-200 Appointment of Successor Agent)
AB-200, Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application (Formerly AT-106 Original Alcohol Beverage License Application and AT-115 Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application)
Municipalities and retailers must use these new forms for license applications and renewals. Note: Forms AT-103,  AT-103a, AT-104, AT-106, AT-115, and AT-200 are discontinued.
To move necessary forms quickly and accommodate changes in the law, a renewal alcohol beverage license form is not available. All existing licensees should use AB-200, Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application to reapply for their licenses.
DOR web page: DOR Alcohol Beverage (
Phone: (608) 264-4573
Email: ​


Required Forms: